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Installation, Planning and Inspection & Testing

S.A Electricals are able to provide highly skilled and experienced office and site based management personnel, to successful execute the clients requirements.
On major projects, key personnel, site manager, planning and purchasing etc. would be introduced at an early stage to 'set up' the necessary systems and construction programs. At the appropriate time, trade supervisors and other selected members of the site management team, would be introduced to the project.
The site Engineer would have the full responsibility for the construction activities and the authority to make decisions throughout the construction period, reporting on a regular basis, to the contract manager.
The extent of site management requirements on minor contract works, would be determined by the content and duration of each individual project.

Sub Contractors

S.A Electricals will, with the agreement of the client, consider utilising the services of approved specialist sub contractors, in connection with, but not limited to:

Cable pulling
HV cable jointing
Lightning protection
Heavy lifting
Wiring and Slab Work
S.A Electricals recognizes and understands the client's objective to complete ON TIME and WITHIN BUDGET. Vachan Electricals also recognizes that to achieve the desired results, effective planning and progress monitoring systems are essential.
Prior to commencement of each and every project, discussions, with the client are held to identify and agree:
Quality of planning required in consideration of the project content complexity and duration
Updating and development of the overall plan
Compatibility of the systems to be used with the overall project master plan.

Plant & Equipment

S.A Electricals provides and maintains plant and equipment of sufficient quantity and quality. Portable tools and equipment are inspected and tested periodically
Where necessary, supplementary major plant is hired from reputable plant hire companies. Specialist scaffolding and lifting services are hired or sub contracted.
Inspection & Testing
S.A Electricals inspects, tests and issues appropriate certificates and documentation in accordance with the clients specified requirements and statutory regulations.

S.A Electricals provides skilled technicians with the experience covering inspection and testing of installed electrical and process control systems in areas classified hazardous and non-hazardous.

To ensure that our technicians are aware of and understand changing requirements and regulations in various working environments, frequent training courses are arranged.
S.A Electricals provides all measuring and test equipment, issued for inspection, calibration and testing of installations at site.