The CIEG Approval Overview

Chief Electrical Inspector to the Government of State of Karnataka's approval will be required for any electrical installation whose capacity is exceeding 10 KW,capacity can vary from state to state.

Usually Huge Electrical Projects such as HT works, Transformers, overhead lines, power plants,etc require CIEG approval.

Please go through the procedure mentioned below for getting the CIEG Approval.

Getting a CIEG certificate for any Electrical Installation involves these 3 steps.

  • Application and Documents gathering for Submission
  • Inspection to check if the Electrical Installation Compiles with the safety measures.
  • Upon successful verification,as per DOP, the safety certificate will be issued by the government personnel.

Role of SA Electricals

  • Best Consulating with over 3 decades of experience.
  • Complete assistance and guidance in gathering of all the required documents.
  • Complete support to gather the extra documents for those who are applying for Solar Power/ Diesel Generator/ Wind Power